Supercharge your business with digital marketing strategy

You need a plan for your digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategy might feel like a puzzle or chess game—but a focused strategy can help you win. An impactful digital strategy can accomplish many important business objectives—like raising brand awareness, educating users, driving conversions, and boosting revenue. A digital marketing strategy is the first key step to focusing your digital marketing efforts.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive action plan for digital marketing. Your digital marketing strategy should be designed around your organization’s key business goals—and evolve as your business changes. 

A successful digital marketing strategy—

  • Generates positive ROI
  • Unlocks valuable business opportunities
  • Prevents technical issues from arising

Digital marketing strategies identify potential courses of action and recommend the most attractive options for next steps. A digital marketing strategy is outcome focused—but also matches output expectations with the available resources. 

How a digital marketing strategy is created

Developing a digital marketing strategy goes something like this—

1- Discovery call: The first step is a discovery call to discuss the organization’s key business objectives and how a digital marketing strategy can map to those objectives.

2- Proposal: The client receives a formal proposal for a digital marketing strategy. The proposal provides a basis for conceptual and contractual agreement between the client and digital marketer.

3- Information gathering: Your digital marketer gathers more information on your organization and your competitors’ digital marketing strategies.

4- Information analysis: Your digital marketer organizes and analyzes the information and data that’s pertinent to your digital marketing strategy.

5- Strategy development: Your digital marketer develops a digital marketing strategy with a set of recommended options based on the results of her analysis.

6- Strategy deliverable: The client receives a comprehensive digital marketing strategy report containing all the data, analysis, and recommended actions.

7- Next steps: With no obligation to act, the client may contemplate the digital marketing strategy recommendations and decide the appropriate next steps.

Why your crypto or fintech platform needs a digital strategy

You may already know why a technical product on the innovation frontier needs digital marketing. Just for fun, let’s use a meme to express the need for digital strategy—

A digital marketing strategy is the first important step for your blockchain platform to become a thought leader. Digital marketing in a rapidly growing sector like web3 can create unique opportunities to educate and nurture your target audience.

What makes digital marketing strategies low risk

Creating a digital marketing strategy does not establish the obligation to act on any recommendations—that makes a digital marketing strategy generally low risk. The price of a digital marketing strategy is typically fixed at the proposal phase.

Digital marketing strategies—executed well—can be high-impact tools that drive significant business improvements. You need a digital marketing strategy that produces the most impact with the least resources—that’s why digital marketers like to identify all the “easy wins” for the first priorities of any digital marketing plan. v

Learn more about getting a digital marketing strategy

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