Manage your digital marketing like an expert 

Better to manage your digital marketing than let your digital marketing manage you.

Digital marketing management may seem like an administrative cluster that you’d rather avoid—that’s understandable. Efficient digital marketing management is essential to succeeding at digital marketing, especially as your digital content mountain continues to grow.

What is digital marketing management?

Digital marketing management is the practice of efficiently managing all the processes that are necessary for digital marketing. Many of these processes are administrative—like managing a content calendar and uploading new assets. Digital marketing managers can use content management systems (CMSs) to manage large volumes of digital content efficiently.

Let’s take a look at what expert digital marketing managers typically do—

  • Manage content across creative mediums
  • Manage content across distribution channels
  • Manage content over long periods of time
  • Manage content from multiple contributors
  • Organize and manage content at all stages of production
  • Manage content across software platforms

How to manage digital marketing like a pro

The process to efficiently manage digital marketing activities goes something like this—

1- Assess the digital content landscape: A digital marketing manager’s first step is to assess the existing content landscape. This can be accomplished by conducting a digital content audit.

2- Establish digital marketing management priorities: An efficient digital marketing manager identifies what matters most for the organization and defines the highest priorities for digital marketing management.

3- Create a digital marketing management plan: The next step for your digital marketing manager is to create a digital marketing management plan that’s fully customized to your business.

4- Execute the digital marketing management plan: Implementing a digital marketing management plan typically has many components and occurs over a long period of time.

5- Monitor results: Digital marketing managers continually monitor the results of their efforts to look for new ways to improve the management process.

6- Adjust the digital marketing management strategy as necessary: Expert digital marketing managers act on the results of their qualitative and quantitative findings to continually manage the team’s marketing activities more effectively.

Why you need to manage your digital marketing

You may already realize that a technical product on the innovation frontier needs digital marketing. Just for laughs, let’s use a meme to express the relevancy of digital content management—

Digital marketing management is a lot more than just organizing documents. Here’s everything to love about professional digital marketing management—

  • Makes it easier to plan, create, and distribute marketing content
  • Keeps your digital assets organized
  • Makes your content more accessible to colleagues 
  • Enables digital marketing strategies to scale

Digital content management lets you own your content—your content doesn’t own you.

What can make digital marketing management efficient

Efficiency is core to effective digital marketing management. Check out these tips and tricks for efficiently managing your online marketing efforts—

  • Organize your content management system to be informative and user friendly
  • Organize your digital library for easy storage, retrieval, and content repurposing
  • Choose a content management system that prioritizes version control and security
  • Leverage tools and software that automate repetitive tasks
  • Integrate your CMS with tools and platforms that further increase productivity

Learn more about digital marketing management

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