Elevate your digital content with exceptional editing

Great digital content editors are cheerleaders in disguise.

Even talented creators need sharp-as-a-tack editors—finished work is rarely produced by just one contributor. An impactful digital content editor can make your marketing content shine—and may boost the output quality of your whole content team. 

What is digital content editing?

Digital content editing is the beautiful frosting on a delicious digital content creation cake. Experienced digital content editors may approach the editing process in multiple ways, knowing when to take a light touch and when to put the creator hat back on.

What digital content editors can do—

  • Edit for style and tone
  • Edit for structure and flow
  • Edit for clarity
  • Edit for accuracy
  • Edit for SEO
  • Edit for grammar and spelling

Good digital content editors can do all of the above. Great digital content editors are more like cheerleaders who enable creators to produce their best work.

How to edit digital content like a pro

The process to edit digital content usually goes like this—

1- Review the content: The first step for a digital content editor is to review the entire creative asset without making any changes. For editors itching to dive in, this is the hardest part!

2- Make structural improvements: A digital content editor typically focuses first on making structural changes to improve the organization of the content. 

3- Move content that’s misplaced: Digital content editors aim to use all of a creator’s content by identifying opportunities to move content to where it can be most effective.

4- Edit for accuracy: Digital editors make sure that what you’re asserting is correct by checking all facts using credible sources. 

5- Edit for tone: Part of the digital content editing process is optimizing (if needed) the tone of the creative asset. Enhanced word choices are your content editor’s specialty. 

6- Edit for flow and clarity: The next step is for your digital content editor to review the marketing asset for clarity. With so many editorial changes freshly made—it’s vital to ensure that the content is clear and flows smoothly. 

7- Proofread: A great digital content editor always reviews the document for basic errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

8- Be the audience: The last step for your digital content editor is to be your audience. She skims the content one more time, making sure that even someone in a rush can still benefit from what they’re seeing.

Why your crypto or web3 platform needs a great digital content editor

You may already know why a technical product on the innovation frontier needs digital marketing. Let’s have some fun by using a meme to express why you need a stellar digital content editor—

What exactly can a great editor do? Let’s make a short list—

  • Provide subject matter expertise that’s relevant to you 
  • Distill complex material into language that’s easy to understand
  • Produce polished assets that enhance credibility and the user experience

Learn more about digital content editing 

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