Revolutionize your content strategy with a content audit

Content audits create options.

Content audits are like treasure hunts. They can reveal many exciting content marketing opportunities—plus expose areas needing improvement. A content audit is the first key step to developing an efficient and impactful content strategy.

What is a content audit?

A content audit examines all of your existing content using qualitative and quantitative methods. A content audit can generate some surprising results, including untapped opportunities, important challenges, and hidden trends.

A content audit is just that—a comprehensive report on your organization’s existing content. Content audits typically also identify and recommend options as potential next steps.

How content audits work

The process to conduct a content audit goes like this—

1- Discovery call: The first step is a discovery call to discuss the organization’s key business objectives and how a content audit can map to those objectives.

2- Proposal: The client receives a formal proposal for a content audit. The proposal provides a basis for conceptual and contractual agreement between the client and content marketer.

3- Data gathering: The client and content marketer work together to source the necessary data.

4- Data analysis: Your content marketer organizes and analyzes the data.

5- Formulate options: Your content marketer prepares a set of recommended options based on the results of her analysis.

6- Content audit report: Next the client receives a comprehensive content audit report containing all the data, analysis, and recommended actions.

7- Consider next steps: With no obligation to act, the client contemplates the recommendations and determines next steps.

Why your crypto or web3 platform needs a content audit

You may already know why a technical product on the innovation frontier needs content marketing. Just for fun, let’s use a meme to express the need for routine content auditing—



A content audit can be the first important step for your blockchain company to become a thought leader. Content marketing in a rapidly growing sector like web3 can create unique opportunities to educate and nurture your target audience.

What makes content audits low risk

Commissioning a content audit does not create the obligation to act on any recommendations—that makes a content audit generally low risk. The price of a content audit is typically fixed at the proposal phase.

Content audits can be high-impact tools that drive business improvements because they identify all the “easy wins” for a content strategy. Content marketers generally prioritize the recommendations from content audits that can have the most impact with the least effort.

Learn more about content audits

Is a content audit right for your organization? Connect with Allie to book a discovery call—she’s got a wild urge to explore what a content audit can do for you.

And if your organization doesn’t have any content yet, then you need a content strategy to get started in the right direction.