Digital marketing in crypto winter—5 bear market strategies

Because you can use crypto winter to your advantage.

Allie Grace Garnett


  • Crypto winter is creating a valuable digital marketing opportunity
  • Crypto and web3 businesses can focus on high-impact digital marketing strategies
  • Crypto digital marketing is crucial to educate and drive adoption of blockchain

Does it feel chilly in here? Crypto winter is upon us (again) and creating hardships for crypto and web3 businesses everywhere. Crypto digital marketing budgets are getting slashed and creative disruption is happening—meaning that value is emerging in surprising ways.

Crypto and web3 companies can harness the benefits of digital marketing in any economy, although fewer do when coin prices are low. Don’t be that blockchain company! 😆 Instead, keep reading to get your head around five smart strategies to market your blockchain project in a bearish economy.

1. Use affordable website traffic to raise awareness

Are you seeking to raise brand awareness? Boosting traffic to your website is a tactic that digital marketers frequently use to introduce more people to your company. Generating website traffic can get expensive, but may be more affordable with less competition in down economies.

Website traffic can come from many sources, with paid advertising and organic search results being major drivers of traffic for most organizations. Unfavorable market conditions sometimes make website traffic easier to procure and more affordable. Why? Let’s take a look—

  • Paid advertising: Crypto, web3, and fintech companies can potentially pay Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms to rank their content at the top of search results. Every keyword imaginable has its own cost per click (CPC), with the keywords having the most search volume—like “best crypto exchange”—being the most expensive. When organizations slash their ad budgets, and stop competing for keywords, CPC declines accordingly.
  • Organic search traffic: Organic search results are the keyword results that Google shows for free, below any paid advertising. Blockchain and fintech companies can rank well in organic search results by producing exceptional digital content that meets its target audiences’ needs—and can potentially rank more quickly in weak economies. Decreased competition can make it easier to get—and maintain—a top spot in Google search.

2. Prioritize low-cost tactics to drive engagement

Digital marketing builds community, and community engagement is key to the success of many crypto projects. Web3 and crypto organizations can use their limited marketing budgets to build thriving communities by focusing on low-cost, high-impact digital marketing tactics.

Let’s take a look at some specific tactics that crypto digital marketers use to boost community engagement without breaking the (DeFi) bank—

  • Focus on social media: Blockchain and fintech protocols can find their target audiences on a variety of social media platforms. The casual atmosphere and ability to engage organically at low or no cost makes social media a popular choice for cost-conscious marketers.
  • Target the most relevant channels: With so many social media platforms from which to choose, savvy digital marketers focus on the platforms most appealing to their audiences. Establishing presences on only the most relevant social channels is another way to maximize impact while keeping a limited budget in check.
  • Repurpose digital content for different audiences: Digital marketers can stretch tight budgets by repurposing content in new ways. Repurposing anchor content for different mediums, platforms, and audiences is a cost-efficient strategy to maximize impact and community engagement.
  • Promote interactive content: Even a really great blog isn’t usually interactive. Digital marketers with a goal of community building can create many types of interactive content—such as contests, giveaways, raffles, and surveys—to increase engagement. Interactive content can engage and entertain without costing very much.

3. Fill your competitors’ content gaps

Spending money on digital marketing during a crypto winter may feel risky. Digital marketing may seem like a luxury—or, that’s what your competitors are saying to justify cutting their marketing budgets. Digital marketers can analyze the content gaps created by a set of competitors when they scaled back on marketing, to identify opportunities for your business to fill those gaps. Filling competitive content gaps can be a powerful way to generate ROI from your digital marketing strategy. 

So what are the best tactics to use for a digital marketer seeking to fill some content gaps? Here’s what I typically look for—

  • Keyword opportunities: Which keywords are your competitors not covering, or covering poorly? A keyword gap analysis can reveal attractive keywords—those with high search volumes and relatively low difficulty scores—that your competitors are missing.
  • Outdated content: Which of your competitors’ content is performing the best? Another efficient way to fill content gaps is by identifying your competitors’ digital content that performs well but is outdated, then creating newer and better content on that same topic.
  • Broken backlinks: Imagine that your key competitor has a backlink on a relevant industry platform. Now imagine that that backlink is broken. Digital marketers can build relationships with backlink owners and offer to replace broken backlinks with newer (and better) content from your organization. A double win!

4. Focus on maximizing value

Uncertain economic conditions and limited funding pools require digital marketers to focus on maximizing the value derived from their budgets. Digital marketers can maximize the value and impact of their contributions by prioritizing these strategies—

  • Consistently generate positive ROI: Generating long-term value as a digital marketer means ensuring that every initiative has a positive return on investment. Digital marketers can carefully choose digital marketing strategies to maximize profitability.
  • Ruthlessly prioritize: The best digital marketers know how to focus. Which channels does your audience occupy, and which types of content do they want? Let’s be there and make those, respectively.
  • Quantify impact: Digital marketing is both art and science, but its impact needs to be measured nonetheless. The digital marketing strategies that add the most value are the ones that get quantified.

5. Use crypto winter as a time to build

Soft economies can be a great time to build, rebuild, and future-proof your business. A digital marketing strategy is only as good as the digital context in which it operates—which is a nice way of saying that significant technical problems can derail even the most thoughtful digital marketing plan. Crypto winter is an excellent time for blockchain and fintech companies to conduct digital content audits, attend to the overall health of their websites, and develop robust marketing infrastructure.

Digital marketing has long been a driver of growth—and that doesn’t change with market conditions. Building just gets a little easier to do when much of the competition backtracks or changes direction.

frequently asked questions

Friendly answers to your frequently asked questions.

What is crypto content marketing?

Crypto content marketing is content marketing that is customized to meet the needs and preferences of cryptocurrency projects and companies. Crypto content marketing can educate, engage, and inspire crypto natives and general audiences.

How should I market my crypto project?

Successfully marketing a cryptocurrency project requires first understanding the organization’s key business objectives. Crypto digital marketers frequently aim to build a thriving ecosystem or community by executing digital marketing strategies that educate, inspire, and engage the target audience. 

Where can I hire crypto digital marketers?

Knowledgeable and talented cryptocurrency digital marketers can be hard to find. Blockchain companies may consult their professional networks, engage with digital marketers on LinkedIn and Twitter, and post job ads to find and hire crypto digital marketing experts.