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Nice to meet you

Allie Grace Garnett is a digital marketing professional with a lifelong passion for the written word. Allie provides digital and content marketing services to crypto, web3, fintech, and personal finance clients.

Allie is a Harvard Business School graduate with a professional background in engineering and financial marketing. As a digital marketer, in an era of information overload, Allie thrives on meeting audiences where they’re at—and then giving the people what they want!

Allie leverages her deep knowledge of cryptocurrency, web3, and finance to drive ROI from innovative digital marketing strategies. Allie possesses a wide range of skills and competencies, both strategic and functional. An experienced marketer, writer, social media and SEO expert—Allie stands out for her ability to lead and meaningfully participate in the execution of any marketing strategy.

Watch this video podcast to get Allie’s 2022 take on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

“But what excites me the most? Blockchain. Marketing that’s memorable. And a killer content strategy. Let’s realize web3’s true potential—let’s get started!”


Meet Allie

The best digital marketing tells a story. A memorable one.

Allie’s story begins with her passion for writing—which extends back to high school, in Manchester, New Hampshire. It was 1995 when Allie saw her first byline, for a music review of Belly’s album King. (“Seal my fate…”) Seeking a challenge as she entered college, Allie developed her analytical capabilities by earning an undergraduate degree in civil engineering.

Working professionally as an environmental engineer, Allie demonstrated her technical prowess but also yearned for more dynamic professional work. She scratched that proverbial itch by founding the Young Alumni Volunteer Association—YAVA—a nonprofit organization and social network that encouraged volunteering among recent college graduates. (Ask Allie about the many YAVA marriages and babies!) Allie’s early experience as a founder in the Myspace era taught her about the importance of effective digital marketing.

Allie attended Harvard Business School to pivot her career from engineering to finance. Drawn to client-facing roles, she focused her finance career in marketing. Allie became acquainted with the institutional investing crowd, adopting and iterating the marketing strategies—and content marketing materials—that proved most effective.

Allie took a leap in 2015 to start providing freelance writing and content marketing services to finance clients. She quickly expanded both her subject matter and functional expertise, becoming a cryptocurrency and web3 expert who lives and breathes digital marketing.

Allie’s professional work includes contributions to Filecoin, Investopedia, Robinhood, Thomson Reuters, Benzinga, The Motley Fool, Decrypt, The Block, The Defiant, HackerNoon, CoinMarketCap, Binance Square, Bitcoinist, BeInCrypto, Britannica Money, and PEHubWire.

Allie is a writer at heart who loves the dynamic nature of digital marketing. She thrives on data to make decisions and is always asking herself and her team—what story can we tell?

Let’s write the next chapter.


My services

Digital Marketing Strategy

What are your business goals? How can digital marketing help you to achieve those goals? You need a digital marketing strategy that's mapped to your business objectives.

Digital Marketing Management

Creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan means that someone has to execute & manage it. Effective management is key to the efficiency—and sanity!—of a digital marketing team.

Digital Marketing Analytics

How is your digital marketing strategy performing? Do you even know? Analyzing key metrics—and acting on your findings—is crucial to maximizing the impact of your digital strategy.

Digital Marketing Optimization

Is your digital marketing achieving the best possible results? Optimizing a digital marketing effort means leveraging SEO best practices plus evaluating what does and doesn't work.

Digital Content Creation

Accessible, informative & engaging content is the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy. Content creation is a worthy craft, and pretty fun too.

Digital Content Editing

The best editors are natural-born cheerleaders—and detail oriented to a fault. Even great creators need great editors to help them achieve their full potential.

Digital Content Distribution

What’s a great piece of content without robust digital distribution? Thoughtful yet pervasive distribution is essential to any digital marketing strategy.

Digital Content Auditing

A digital content audit is really the first step toward creating an impactful digital marketing strategy. Content audits identify quick wins to jumpstart your digital marketing.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Web3
  • Personal finance
  • Project & investment finance

Functional Expertise

  • Market research
  • Product research
  • Goal setting
  • Strategy development
  • Campaign planning
  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Team management
  • Community engagement

Writing Portfolio

Cryptocurrency Writing







“As a writer, Allie strikes that perfect blend of competence, empathy, enthusiasm, and approachability. As a digital marketer, her instincts are spot-on. Oh, and she never EVER misses a deadline.”

Douglas Ashburn, Executive Editor, Britannica Money

“You’re not a good editor—you’re a great editor.”

Sarah Teach, SEO Bureau Chief, The Motley Fool

“Allie is a fantastic content marketing lead and writer. She requires little direction and always delivers above what is asked ahead of schedule. If you’re looking for a digital marketing overachiever in the crypto and Web3 space, look no further than Allie!”

Trevor English, VP of Marketing, Ledgible Crypto Tax & Accounting

“Allie is the most prolific writer I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She is very organized in her approach to content creation. Not only can she write, but she is also skilled at leading entire content marketing teams. If you need a veritable marketing machine for your organization, Allie can build it, run it, and optimize it as the business needs.”

Chris Garcia, Product Marketing Lead, Filecoin

“Allie is a phenomenal asset to the organization. From marketing strategy development to fostering cohesion across our remote team, her ideas, energy and follow-through have put us on a path to journalistic success.”

Alex Halperin, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, NHA Media

“Working with Allie is a real delight. I’ve hired and re-hired her for two different projects now, and she has always added value, structure, and energy. Most recently we hired her for a marketing outreach project, but offered her a full-time opportunity soon after seeing the impact she is able to have.”

Mikko Jarvenpaa, Founder & Board Chairman, Sentient Media

I hired Allie to provide digital marketing services on an as-needed basis, and have been pleased with her efficient and resourceful nature. Pretty much anything I need help with, she is able and ready to jump in. Her response time and thoroughness are excellent.”

Joshua Paul, CEO, Neo Code Software



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