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Allie Grace Garnett is a Harvard Business School graduate with a background in traditional finance. Allie’s passion for the written word extends back to high school, where she held several editorships on the school’s award-winning newspaper. From her beginnings on a vegetable farm in New Hampshire; to working professionally as an environmental engineer, entrepreneur, and financier; and on to launching a freelance career in financial content creation and strategy—it is proving to be an intense, challenging, and fantastic journey!

Allie possesses a wide range of skills and competencies, both functional and strategic. She is a proficient writer, rigorous editor, and experienced content strategist. Savvy marketer, in-depth researcher, professional creator of multimedia content—Allie is a jill of all trades in financial media.

“But what excites me the most? Crypto. SEO. Killer content strategy. Let’s realize crypto’s true potential and produce a ton of great content—all while ranking #1 in Google. Let’s get started!”

~ Allie Grace Garnett


Meet Allie

Allie was raised in Candia, New Hampshire, and attended Northeastern University in Boston, where she studied civil & environmental engineering and environmental geology. Allie began her career as an environmental engineer with Camp Dresser & McKee (now CDM Smith) and Tetra Tech NUS.

While working full time as an engineer in Boston, Allie founded the Young Alumni Volunteer Association (YAVA) to encourage recent college graduates to both volunteer and socialize together. (In founding YAVA, Allie is inadvertently responsible for several marriages and many, many babies!) Allie transitioned away from engineering in 2007 to attend Harvard Business School, where she focused her studies in finance, entrepreneurship, and renewable energy.

Allie in 2009 joined the hydrokinetic energy start-up Rentricity in New York as Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. Her next move was to join the boutique financial advisory firm Sustainable Development Capital, where she worked to raise money for institutional-scale renewable energy funds. In 2013, still in New York, Allie co-founded the energy efficiency project finance company Nexos Resource Partners.

The year 2015 was when life got really interesting. Allie partially relocated to Belize, Central America, to spend more time in nature and volunteer on a farm. She launched her freelance writing and editing career while staying true to her finance roots, and has been busy, gratefully, ever since!

Allie enjoys reading, swimming, and closely observing the plants and animals around her. She is an alcohol-abstaining vegetarian who strives to live in peaceful harmony with Mother Earth.


My services

Business strategy
Content strategy
Finance & business writing
Search Engine Optimization writing
Multimedia content creation
Content editing & proofreading
Research & analysis
Financial modeling

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Cryptocurrency & digital assets
  • Search engine optimization
  • ESG investing
  • Personal & college finance
  • Project & investment finance
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Animal advocacy
  • Cannabis media
  • Tropical agriculture

Functional Expertise

  • Content creation
  • Content strategy
  • Content management
  • Editing
  • Fact checking
  • Business strategy planning
  • Partnership development
  • Research
  • Data analysis
  • Financial modeling

Writing portfolio

Finance Writing

All client documents are presented with permission.


“Gahh you are such a good editor.”

Sarah Teach, SEO Bureau Chief, The Motley Fool

“Allie is a phenomenal asset to the organization. From conducting research & analysis to fostering cohesion across our remote team, her ideas, energy and follow-through have put us on a path to success.”

Alex Halperin, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, NHA Media

I’ve worked with Allie for many years and have been continually impressed by her talents as an entrepreneur, finance professional, and writer. Her passion and articulate nature were instrumental in growing the energy efficiency project finance firm that we co-developed. She brings creative passion to any endeavor that she chooses to pursue.”

Joseph Vadapalas, Founder, Nexos Resource Partners

“Working with Allie is a real delight. I’ve hired and re-hired her for two different projects now, and she has always added value, structure, and energy. Most recently we hired her for a project, but offered her a full-time opportunity soon after seeing the impact she is able to have.”

Mikko Jarvenpaa, Founder & Board Chairman, Sentient Media

I hired Allie as a research assistant on an as-needed basis and have been pleased with her efficient and resourceful nature. Pretty much anything I need help with, she is able and ready to jump in. Her response time and thoroughness are excellent.”

Joshua Paul, CEO, Neo Code Software